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Get Your Advertorials Published

Once you have written some advertising articles or advertorials, you will want to make sure that you publish these articles where your audience will see it. There are several markets for many articles, each with many benefits and drawbacks. Each also has different rules for submitting your article:

Newspapers: Newspapers are often willing to accept your article for publication, provided that it is newsworthy and is not very “salesy”. For example, if your company is making a real impact on the community through charity work or if your company’s main office building is unique architecturally or has a history, your daily newspaper will be happy to accept an article about it, in many cases.

You will not be able to provide a direct “sell’ for your company through a newspaper article, but you can mention your company and its services or products in the article. You can also ask the editor of your local paper about becoming a columnist for the paper. If you run a construction company, for example, you can offer a weekly “handyman” column. Your byline would include your company name and contact infromation. To submit an article to the newspaper, contact the editor and ask how freelance writers can submit.

Magazines: Magazines – whether consumer magazines or trade journals created specifically for workers in a specific field – are excellent places to publish your advertising article, provided that you can write an article that mentions your company without using obvious sales language. You should definitely try to publish your articles in trade journals related to your company’s field, as this is an excellent way to reach those people who will be interacting with your customers.

For example, if your company creates nail polish, writing an article about nail polish in a trade journal will reach beauticians, who then may get curious about your product and even recommend it to clients. As with magazines, it is best to use very newsy language in advertising articles sent to a trade journal. Simply write an article about your field and mention your company once in the article and again in your bio or byline. Magazines and trade journals will not usually accept an article that reads like ad copy.

To submit your article to a magazine or trade journal, contact the editor or go on the publication’s web page and see out “contributor’s guidelines” or “submission guidelines.”

Small publications (weeklies): These publications are often given away for free in stores, restaurants and movie theaters. Generally local in focus, these publications tend to have lots of advertising in them. On the other hand, although they may have a much smaller circulation than magazines or newspapers, they are usually hungry for material and are generally very happy to work with freelance writers. They are more likely than daily newspapers to provide you with your own regular or weekly column. Plus, they tend to be read through by people who are waiting for the bus or for a movie – they are often read precisely because they are free.

If your company is very locally based, a local weekly is the ideal place to submit your advertising article. In most cases, general articles that are not too sales-oriented are well accepted by this type of publication. To submit to these publications, contact the editor and ask for submission guidelines.

Ad space: Since you can submit your advertising article to some markets for free, you may well wonder why you would want to pay money to place your article in ad space. However, ad space makes plenty of sense for some types of advertising articles. If you are using very sales-strong language or very aggressive selling techniques in your article, because of the nature of your product, you will have a hard time placing your article in a publication without paying for ad space.

When you pay for ad space, you also know that your advertising article will run when you want it and how you want it – there is no need to worry about long wait times or about editors who may remove mention of your company in the editing process.

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