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Viral Marketing Advanced

A big part of any viral marketing campaign involves getting your customers to share the information about your service and product to their friends, co-workers, and family. How do you encourage customers who may have never met you in person to believe in your business so much that they do advertising for you without being paid for it?

Use the simple strategies that marketing experts use:

Step 1: Provide excellent service

Your customers need to be very satisfied to recommend your business to others. Businesses that can give customers the sense that they are providing a service or product “just for” them will encourage customers to give recommendations to friends. If you offer a unique service, be sure to emphasize its uniqueness.

Step 2: Make it easy to recommend you

Providing “recommend it” buttons on your web site or making it easy for customers to send web pages or articles from your web site will make it more likely that they will pass on your marketing message. You can also have customers sign up everyone in their address book to receive a special service or notice with the touch of a button. The simpler it is to recommend your service, the likelier it will be that customers do so.

Step 3: Give incentives

Many marketing experts recommend giving away free items at the start of a marketing campaign. However, you should also consider giving away free gifts to loyal customers who recommend your site to friends. Offering significant discounts or prizes to someone who has signed up a friend who has made a purchase is an ideal way to get more customers to recommend you.

Step 4: Have customers turn to you for gifts

If your company offers easy online shopping or last-minute shopping (in the form of gift certificates, fro example) it is possible that frazzled last-minute shoppers will be glad to offer your product as a gift – and so pass on information about your services - to someone else. You can also offer free gifts to customers that can be passed on to their friends – a “sign up your friend and we will send them a free gift” campaign, for example, will keep your message moving.

Step 5: Make your company recommendable

If you offer a really great service, or a beautiful web site, or something else that people truly enjoy, you are far more likely to have customers that recommend your company to others. Make sure that you offer something that is very trendy or unique or important and you are sure to encourage recommendations. People love to feel that they can tell their friends about the latest “hot” thing.

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