Viral MarketingIs Your Website Infected?

ViralVirusesInfectionsnot pleasant subjects for most situations. Unless youre discussing Viral Marketing! Viral marketing techniques can help you create huge increases in both targeted traffic and customers for your website. In this article well briefly discuss some of the most effective methods of Viral Marketing.

Before we discuss the different Viral Marketing Techniques, lets clarify what Viral Marketing is. Viral Marketing has nothing to do with computer viruses, causing damage to someones computer or property, or using deception to create traffic and customers. Viral Marketing includes using legitimate techniques like viral opt-in email, viral ebooks and reports, viral ecourses, and many more!

Lets discuss some great examples of Viral Marketing

Free Viral eBooks and eReports-

Jimmy D. Brown, the Master of Viral eBook Marketing, has created an Internet Business Empire using free and paid-for viral eBooks and eReports! He creates eBooks and eReports and then allows his affiliates and customers the ability to brand them with their own website and affiliate links. His website, Profits Vault Monthly, offers a monthly membership where he creates a great new eBook product each month. He then allows his members to brand the website links with their own affiliate program links. You can find out more about his program at:

Creating Viral eBooks and eReports and distributing them to your affiliates and website visitors is one of the most effective ways to create viral traffic explosion on your website!

Free Viral Opt-in Ezines

Viral Opt-in Ezines are another great Viral Marketing technique that uses a very powerful combination. Opt-in Email newsletters or ezines combined with word-of-mouth marketing. The ezine can be HTML-based, email-based, or website or BLOG-based. The key element that makes the ezine viral is getting your subscribers involved. Allowing your subscribers to participate in discussions, creating content, etc. can create a viral word-of-mouth traffic stampede to your website!

Free Viral Reprint Articles

Viral Reprint Articles are short articles that you allow other webmasters, affiliates, and ezine publishers to reprint or use on their website for free. The only rule for the use of your viral article is that they have to leave your resource box at the bottom of your article. This resource box includes your website link. This creates a viral effect because your viral article gets passed around the Internet on websites and ezines.

Free Viral eCourses

Last but not least, theres Viral eCourses. Viral eCourses are divided into a series of articles and lessons and are published on an autoresponder. When a person e-mails the autoresponder address, he will receive his first lesson via e-mail within seconds or a few minutes. Then usually every one or two days they will receive the another lesson until the e-course is complete. I've seen e-courses that have ranged from one lesson clear up to 52 lessons long. The most common are 7 lesson or 7 day e-courses. Viral eCourses are extremely popular! Allow other webmasters to use your viral eCourse full of useful information, and watch the highly-targeted web traffic epidemic occur.

In this article, we have covered several Viral Marketing techniques. But we havent even scratched the surface! Use your creativity and come up with some other great ideas. Just dont discount the power of using Viral Marketing!

About The Author

Bret Forster has been doing business on-line for over 4years. His website, offers the Secrets of How To Unleash Your Own Marketing Virus That Generates More Traffic, More Customers And More Money In Record Time - Or Your Money Back Guaranteed! Visit his website at for details and get a FREE 5-Day eCourse on Creating Your Own Web Traffic Virus!


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