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Chapter 2: Using the Right Language in Advertising Articles Leads to Sales!

Different types of advertising articles call for different types of language in order to be effective.  If you want your articles to be read eagerly by readers, you need to know how to use words to convince, entertain, inform, and entice
There are some simple ways that you can ensure that the language you use in advertorials gets you more clients:
Step 1: Decide Whether to Write a Soft or Hard Sell
A hard sell really pushes clients to buy your service or product right now.  Using words such as “limited time offer,” “buy now,” “incredible deal” this type of advertising article really encourages a customer to buy, buy, buy. 
On the one hand, this type of language can be effective in creating a sense of urgency in your customer and in making your customer think that they cannot live without your product.  On the other hand, this type of advertising is often skipped over by people who find it too aggressive and intrusive. 
If you do use this type of language in your advertising article, do make sure that when providing your hard sell you give readers specific reasons to buy, rather than simply filling your advertorial with empty sales language.
A soft sell article will mention your business and may encourage customers to contact you but will not use aggressive language or lots of repetition to do so.  This type of article language tends to be quieter in tone.  It is far less likely to offend readers and so is more likely to be read. On the other hand, it may not create the push that will drive your customers to buy. 
If you decide to use this type of language in an advertising article, do provide lots of compelling and fact-based reasons for your customers to like your product or service.
Step 2: Making Your Business News-Worthy
Advertising articles differ from ads in the fact that they generally make your product or service into news in some way.  In fact, if you want to use enticing language in your advertising article, one easy way to do so is to simply make your company newsworthy. 
This will ensure readers will read about your company, and it will make your company memorable in their minds.  This type of language will allow you to use a very soft-sell technique but potentially still enjoy hard-sell language benefits. 
To make your business newsworthy, take a good look at your business. 
- What is it about your business that could make headlines? 
- Are you the first or biggest at something? 
- Are you offering a service or product that is new or extraordinary in some way? 
- Is your company structure unusual? 
- Are you involved in community or charitable efforts? Have you won awards? 
- Do you have links to celebrities?  
Anything that could make a catchy headline is something that you will want to stress in an advertising article.  The more unusual the news item or news angle, the better for your company because the more eye-catching the story.
Once you know what is newsworthy about your company, simply write an article about your company using the same news style you see in newspapers.
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