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Chapter 1: Types of Advertising Articles You Need to Know About!

Although many people assume that all advertising articles are the same, in fact advertising articles range very widely in style, tone, and location.  To get the most from your advertising article, make sure that you select the correct type of article to write.  Also consider writing several types of advertising articles to get the largest range of readers and the best response for your time investment.  The main types of advertising articles or advertorials are:

•The ad that looks like an article:  Popular in the backs of women’s magazines and on web sites, these advertising articles make use of strong sales language to sell a product or service.  In most cases, these advertising articles feature a large and eye-catching headline such as “New diet pill is created by doctors to work with your body chemistry” or “New software helps you become a published author in ten days.” In many cases, these articles feature strong claims and money back guarantees to encourage readers to buy now.  Also, these advertising articles tend to use bolding, client and expert testimonials as well as information about the product or service in order to be very convincing. In most cases, you need to publish these articles yourself or pay to have them placed in ad space; their strong sales angle usually does not permit them to be accepted as plain “articles” by a print publication.

•The article that is an ad:  More subtle than the sales-oriented article, this types of advertorial reads like an article, offering useful advice and information while also recommending a specific business.  In many cases, these articles will also use sales language, but language that is toned down and based in fact or specific information.  For example, rather than stating “buy our plastic decks now” this type of article is more likely to claim “millions of people have already turned to Acme company for plastic decking after the FDA revealed three years ago that chemically-treated wood decks were linked to cancer.”  These articles are more likely to be read, even by readers who will generally skip over ads, because they still offer useful information. In many cases, these articles are published online, because they may be too sales-oriented for print publications but too soft-selling for advertising-space advertorials.

•The article that mentions a company:  This type of article is usually the most subtle of all the advertising articles types.   It is also a very effective type of advertorial, as it is most likely to be read by readers.  If it contains enough useful information it may even be clipped and re-read.  It is wise to write at least some of these sorts of articles for the promotion of your company, as these articles tend to cerate word-of-mouth advertising and also tend to be seen as more trustworthy and more reputable than other types of advertising articles.  Plus, these types of articles are often accepted by trade journals, which is a type of publication you will want to target since the readers of trade journals are often in a position to recommend products and services such as yours to clients.  This type of advertising article often uses no selling language at all, but rather just mentions the company and sticks to facts.  Stating impressive facts about the company, however, (such as “Acme company, the biggest seller of plastic deck products ion the United States”) is acceptable.

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