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Chapter 5: Make your advertising articles more effective!

The readers who look at your advertising article are inundated with ads each day and without realizing it they may read several advertising articles each day.  So how do you ensure that your article is the one that they remember and act on?
Step 1: Online, provide direct links
If your article is online, do provide links back to your company web site.  This will make it easier for your readers to look at all your company information and even place an order.
Step 2: Make sure that you answer the big questions – who, what, where, when, why
Your readers do not have the time to read through your article twice, and they will certainly not go away and research your company simply because you did not provide all the important information about your business.  Each of your advertising articles should make it clear who you are, what your business is, when any special offers or events take place, why customers should turn to you, and where to contact you.
Step 3:  Have a “hook”
In journalism, a “hook” is the part of a news story that is meant to entice a reader to read the whole story.  It is always located at the start of an article.  You need to make sure that the beginning of your article contains something – a startling fact, an intriguing quote, a shocking statement, a strange idea – that will make your readers keep reading. 
Far too many readers only browse articles or read a sentence or two before flipping the page.  You need to make your advertising article exciting or interesting from the first word to maintain reader interest
Step 4: Be persuasive
Really convince your readers that your company or service is important.  Use facts, anecdotes, and testimonials if appropriate, but make sure that you are very specific about what is unique or great about your business.
Step 5: Build a sense of urgency. 
If your readers finishes your advertising article and thinks “that was interesting – I should phone that company tomorrow or visit their website later” you have most likely just lost a customer.  If there is nothing in your article that would make a reader act as soon as he or she finishes your article, then the daily tasks of life will generally make them forget all about the article in a few hours. 
You need to make sure that your readers feel that there is something vitally important in what they are reading.  If you are offering a very time-limited offer or if your company or service could save customers their health or a lot of money, they are more likely to act on your article right away.
Step 6:  Use a blend of news and selling methods
The most effective advertising articles use both selling methods (such as making note of special offers) and news methods (such as pointing out what is new and unique about a company or product).  This combination will make all your advertising articles more effective because it will give readers specific facts about what makes your company the company to choose and will also provide them with a push to select your company.
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