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Chapter 3: How to Plug Your Company Effectively in Advertising Articles!

If you want to make your advertising articles function as great marketing, you have to make them as effective as possible. You can do so by following a few basic steps:
•Provide full company information, if you can. 
Even if you publish in a newspaper or magazine that frowns on sales-driven articles, you can often include full company information (or at least your URL or email address) in your byline or author bio.  If you are able to, offer as much contact information as you can. 
Also include as much company information (who runs your company, what your company offers, and so on) as you comfortably can. Your readers are more likely to become your customers if you make it easy for them to find you.
•Make sure you tell your clients why they should choose you
Your advertising article should be informative and interesting, but the whole point of the article is to suggest why customers should phone you rather than a competitor.  If you are writing for a traditional publication that does not allow strong sales-oriented language, you can still make this clear by using facts to suggest why your company is the perfect choice. 
If you can offer more than your competitors, or if you are the only company to offer something, be sure to state this (factually, not as a sales pitch) in your article.
•Explain how your company or service will change people’s lives. 
People do not really want another product or service – most of us have what we strictly need.  Your potential customers want something that will improve their lives and really add something to their lives.  Really consider what your product and service can offer people and make sure that your article makes it clear what your product or service can really do for your customers.
•Make your pitch concrete and specific.
You cannot just state that your customer provides great service – you need to provide a specific anecdote or fact that proves it.  Rather than saying you are the largest company, offer specific sales figures or note a celebrity contract or endorsement.  The more specific you are, the more convincing your article will be.
•Add value. Readers may read ads to be amused or to learn about a product, but they read articles for information.  Your article, to be well received, needs to contain something that will interest and help readers.  If you run or own a company, chances are your business experience has made you an expert in something.  Sharing some of that knowledge can pay big dividends.  In an article, sharing your knowledge will also make you seem more knowledgeable and trustworthy, making potential customers see that they can trust your expertise and knowledge.
•Know your audience.  Know whom you are writing for.  Ask yourself who you are trying to reach with your article.  Who will be reading the publication where the article will appear?  What does this audience need or want?  What do they enjoy?  The better you know your audience, the more you will be able to provide content they will love.
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