7 FREE easy steps to build a massive viral email list or obtain millions of website hits guaranteed! This is a very easy way to get your viral marketing campaign pumping out massive traffic for FREE. You could spend hours reading articles to get this information, yet this is a summary of the best techniques to get viral traffic within the next 30 days.

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Step 1: Join two free viral type websites. Write an article in a word document explaining the benefits of viral marketing. Provide a link to your viral URL. This is very easy to do, just use some of the information that is advertised in your free viral site. Recommended viral sites:

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Step 2: Join a couple of Free traffic exchanges. I recommend the following sites:

Traffic swarm is the number one traffic exchange on the internet. You can expect about 200 to 300 hits to your Free viral site per week (remember you only need to get 5 to 10 people to sign up to get hundreds of thousands of website hits or email lists).

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Now add your free viral URLs from step 1. You will have to surf for credits but you only need to do this for about 20 minutes a day and both of the above exchanges can be surfed at the same time by clicking between each site on your browser.

Step 3: Add your article to the following article directory for FREE:

When you put the title in make sure you use the word Free in the title. This site is excellent for increasing your ranking in all the major search engines and I can prove it!

Go to google and type in Free subscribers, you will find my article at about number 4 $$$ Free autoresponder subscribers $$$.

Then type in deadly disease prevention, you will find my article at about number 1 or 2 Deadly disease prevention, powerful supplements free info. Both articles you will find are written by me (Luke Goodin) and both provide a link to my site.

Step 4: Now this is where the work begins however this method is totally FREE. Get free traffic to your free viral site by submitting your article to FREE article directories for massive amounts of FREE traffic.

Go to google and type in article directories. Start submitting your article to as many article directories as you can. Dont stop until you have submitted your article to at least 70 article directories.

Congratulations you now have the edge over 98% of all other viral marketers!

Step 5: Repeat the process in step 4 but this time do it with article announcement groups. Go to google and type in article announcement groups. Spend the whole day joining and sending your article to these groups.

Step 6: By now you will have a few people signed up, go back to step 1 where you joined viral mailing:

Log in to your account and enter THIS article into your first message (dont forget to change your referal URLs to your own or you will not be getting traffic to your own sites).

You have my permission to use this article and this will instruct your viral downlines how to spread the word about their sites in the same way that I have shown you.

Step 7: Wait a week and start sending advertising to your viral downline by repeating step 6 but sending them your advertising about your sites or products.

Congratulations, You are now sending your advertising to thousands of targeted prospects. This is the way the pros do it and this will gain you thousands of new propects and website hits! Give your self a pat on the back and start watching your sales go through the roof.

About the author:

My name is Luke Goodin. I am a chef by day and online marketer by night. I believe that the essence of business is the effort invested and the effectiveness of its marketing program.


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