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Chapter 6: Editing The Final Copy!

Once your copy is completed, you may be eager to get it to print or to the artist for final work. In many cases, copywriting tends to be very deadline-driven. However, you should always proofread and edit your copy before deciding it is the best work you can do. Often, only a few small checks and differences can make your copy far more effective:

Double check facts – if you falsify data to make your company look better, you may be guilty of false advertising. If you alter testimonials you may make your customers irate and you may lose customer trust. Be sure to check all numbers, figures, spellings, and facts in your copy each time, even if you are sure that the copy is correct. Check contact information, price information, product information, and all facts before accepting the copy as “final.” It can save you a great deal of grief.

Make sure that your testimonials are as strong as possible. Many companies are tempted to use paid testimonials, but if you do this you will have to admit to using paid testimonials somewhere in your copy. It is far better to solicit customer feedback from a wide range of customers and use the best comments. If this method does not get the results you would like, or if your company is very new, consider offering a sample of your product or service to would-be customers in exchange for feedback that can be used as testimonials.

Consider celebrity power. If you are able to get a celebrity to endorse your product or service, your copy will instantly generate more attention – and likely more customers, as well.

Double-check your use of specialized language. Any mistakes made with jargon can make you seem unreliable to a specialized audience.

Eliminate needless words.

Make sure that you put a positive spin on things. Rather than stressing that your company is new and has very few clients, consider writing that you have had no dissatisfied customers, for example, or stress that you are the hottest new product or service in town. Copywriting in large part is about putting your company in the best possible light. You can always put a positive spin on most details of your business while staying completely truthful.

Make sure that you stress all the good things that you can about your business. Do professionals trust your business above other companies? Do you make more sales than the competition? Your readers will not know unless you tell them. Copy is meant to brag about your business a bit.

Be as precise as possible. It’s nice to say that you are the largest retailer in your area, but it is more effective and more precise to point out that you sell 5 million items of your product each year – twice as much as the competition. Being precise gives customers the exact information they need to see why they should do business with you.

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