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Chapter 6: Edit Your Advertising Article for Success!

Before submitting your advertising article for publication, you will want to edit it for grammar and content.  However, to achieve true success, you need to edit your advertorial in a specific way that is slightly different from regular article editing:
•Edit for passive voice
The passive voice (writing “The company was bought by Acme” rather than “Acme bought the company”) is wordy and also does not induce action. Rewriting your advertising article in the active voice helps instill interest and action into your words.
•Look for adjectives
Adjectives can enhance your writing when used properly and when they are powerful.  However, they can easily make your writing uninteresting and weak when used poorly. 
Try using fewer adjectives in your advertising articles, but when you do use adjectives, use them in a vibrant way.  Rather than writing “Monday dawned a nice day for the marathon sponsored by XZY company” write “Brilliant sun and clear skies greeted us on the morning of the XZY company marathon.
Avoid adjectives like quite, nice, very, rather, and good.  They are too mundane to make your writing interesting.
•Is it appropriate?
Make sure that your advertising article is appropriate for the age group and publication you are sending it to.  If your company sells teen clothing and you are sending your advertising article to a teen magazine, you better use current slang and short sentences to draw readers.  If you are sending an advertising article to a trade journal, you cannot use hard-line selling language that makes your article read like an ad.
Read the publication or website where your article will appear.  The style of the articles you see is the style you should aim for with your own advertising article.
•Do you give readers a real reason to respond? 
Your article needs to cerate a response by appealing to reader emotions.  If your readers have no reason to remember the article or act on it as soon as they put the article down, then the advertising article is simply not doing what it should.  The idea is to create real interest in your company.
•Should you add pictures or sidebars?
You can often add interest to an advertising article by adding good quality photographs and sidebars that add information and interest to your article.  Readers often respond better to advertising articles that have small bits of information in sidebars and every reader enjoys looking at images as they browse online or through publications. 
Good quality, fascinating photos can also help encourage your readers to stop while browsing and read your entire advertising article.
•Are you clear?:
An advertising article is not the forum to be coy or mysterious.  You need to provide your readers with all the information they need to see that your company or business is ideal for them.  You also need to make sure that your article flows and is clear enough to be understood well on a first reading. 
If you are not sure about this, get someone to read your article over once.  Then ask them what they understood about.  If understanding is not great, rewrite.

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