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Chapter 5: Advanced Copywriting Tips From The Professionsal!

Copywriters often spend many years pursuing a college education and many more years gaining the hands-on experience that allows them to write the sort of copy that turns readers into paying customers. There are a few ways, though, that you can use the same tricks and tips that professional copywriters use to make your own copy stronger:

Use testimonials in your copy. Readers like to see testimonials in copy because it shows that customers use and like the service or product being advertised. You can get testimonials for your copy in one of two ways – you can use unsolicited comments that come in letters sent to your company or you can seek out testimonials yourself. In either case, you should get written permission to use the reader’s comments, if possible. If your service or product has not received any testimonials, you can always solicit some. Simply ask customers to fill out a questionnaire that gives them the chance to give their comments about your business. Many customers will gladly respond, especially if they have a chance of winning a prize simply by filling out such a questionnaire. As an added benefit, you can use the questionnaire to do some market research – you may find some useful suggestions from customers help you make some changes that ensure customer satisfaction.

Use some facts or words that show your readers you understand the industry you are writing about. If your business is specialized, especially, and you are targeting a specific group such as lawyers or farmers, it is important to establish credibility by using the language that your target audience is familiar with. Using this type of language correctly appeals to your target and establishes credibility for your company.

Write from the audience’s point of view, and use a conversational tone. “Today XYZ Company provides more business solutions” is fine but weak and more appropriate for article writing. “What if one company could provide you with more business solutions today? XYZ can” is copywriting. Imagine that you are making a sales pitch in person to your target audience and write copy in the same style.

Give your readers a specific way to act and give them lots of reasons for doing so. Encourage your readers, for example, to contact the company now for a free quote or to take advantage of a special offer. Make sure that it is easy for customers to reach you company – by email, Internet page, address, and toll-free number, of possible.

Use questions, headers, and sidebars. If you are writing for print, break up your words on the page. On web sites, break up copy into different pages. This makes it easier for your customers to find the information they need without reading all your copy. It also makes it more likely that your readers will read your copy – smaller blocks of words are far more inviting and considerably less intimidating than long paragraphs of words.

Make your copy targeted to someone specific. “We provide business solutions for small businesses” is better than “we provide business solutions.” While this may seem to narrow your audience, it is actually a very effective target marketing strategy.

Stress any guarantees that your company is prepared to make to the reader. Guarantees show that you are ready to back up your product or services and make a customer feel more comfortable about ordering from you.

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