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Chapter 4: A Quick How-To Guide to Generating More Advertising Articles!

If you are going to be using advertising articles to promote your business, you will want to make sure that you generate enough content to keep your readers interested and to keep your company’s name prominent. 
Even if you are not a fast writer, you can turn up the speed on your advertorial production with a few tricks professional marketers use:
•Hire someone:  You can easily hire a freelance writer or company to write your articles in full or in part.  Simply find a service or company that provides writing services and reasonable prices and you will always have customer-generating content when you need it.
•Set aside time:  If you set aside a specific time each week to work on advertising articles, you are more likely to put in the constant effort that will produce consistent content.
•Quick templates and types:  If you keep a few basic templates or outlines on hand you will be able to start putting ideas on paper quickly and simply.  For example, some basic templates may include how-to articles, top ten tip articles, and question and answer articles.  When you write your advertising articles, simply choose an article outline and add your ideas for a fast article.
•Know what you are writing before you sit down by doing a pre-write:  Many professional writers waste countless hours staring at a blank screen.  Business people who are not professional writers may have an even harder time starting to write.  The easiest way to overcome this and ensure that you are prepared to write fast each time you sit down. 
Pre-writing simply means that you jot down possible ideas and even sentences before sitting down to write. 
For example, you can clip articles that relate to your field, you can keep a mini-recorder in your car to make notes of article ideas, or you can brainstorm during a quiet morning.  Keep your pre-write information on file and by the time you sit down to write your article, you will find the writing easy because your ideas have already been developing.
•Get Deadlines:  Sometimes, deadlines will give you the push you need to finish your advertising articles.  Whether it is a deadline for a newsletter or an editor’s deadline for a column, deadlines will make you write more.
•Look for someone in the company who can help you:  Someone in the company may enjoy writing and may be happy to write advertising articles for you for a small extra sum or even as part of their job. 
•Look at reprints:  When you submit an advertising article to a publication (online or print) always ask about what rights the publication is asking for.  If the publication wants first North American rights only, you can resubmit your article again (as a reprint) to another publication, as long as that publication accepts previously published articles. 
If you keep all rights, you can also resubmit as a reprint.  This will help you get more article readers without spending extra time writing articles.
•Look for volunteers or barter:  A family member or friend may be willing to try writing an advertising article for you in exchange for a service or just as a diversion.  Ask around and you will likely uncover a group of willing writers. Just be aware that the results in this case may not be professional articles.

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